KTL Yapı is an international trading company that has global aim with overseas partnership.

Flextab brand name is symbol of quality. CM brand name is a symbol of affordable products.
KTL YAPI has 4 main product groups.
Flextab and CM brand names are well known at heat and water insulation sectors. Fiberglass Mesh. Construction Machinery Spare Parts like bucket tooth for loader or blade for grader. Accessories for window and door industry like weather strip, fiberglass window screen, window roller and some kinds of Screws. Room Doors. PVC coated and etc.

Decoration and Construction Shading Nets

It is made from 100% polypropylene.To apart whole construction from daily life avoid any accident. During new construction and rebuilding can be used. To keep around construction site safely and clean. Scaffolding is another name Shading nets.

Material: 100% Polyproylene
Size: %40 - %60 - %75 - %95
Width/Length: 2x100 m - 2x200 m - 3x200 m
Package: 1 Roll/Plastic Bag
Color: Green
Code: FG-35-40, FG-55-60, FG-70-75, FG-90-95